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I was caught in between a decision to try either one of the two nail salons at the new All Seasons Place in Farlim, Air Itam. One being Nail...

I was caught in between a decision to try either one of the two nail salons at the new All Seasons Place in Farlim, Air Itam. One being Nailicious (which had advertised a Groupon deal - Classic Mani-Pedi for RM35) and Dream Nails. Okay, so I missed the groupon deal anyway and had gone looking up for Nailicious' Facebook page to see what other offers they had. It's a shame they didn't have an official Fb page, but instead, I found an updated and active fb page by Dream Nails.

Dream Nails on Facebook

They were having a limited time promo for Mani-Pedi at RM45. Well, it's RM10 more expensive than the other groupon deal, but I decided to give it a go. So, I booked my appointment with them through Facebook messaging instead of calling them, just to see how fast they respond. To my surprise, they were rather quick at answering my questions and the booking was confirmed in a matter of minutes.

On the day of my appointment (4th August 2013), I was welcomed into the salon. The entire place was painted in a dark, grey colour, perhaps to create a cozy feeling.

Entrance to the salon, this photo is from Dream Nails fb page, at the time of my visit, there were dark curtains covering the glass windows.

The lighting inside was all right, not too dark. I was a little disappointed regarding the interior decor of the salon. It was too simple and dull.

The floor was a shiny grey cement flooring, just shows that the owner decided not to spend much on the interior. The walls were almost bare. I was shown to a nice sofa seat and a lady attended to me shortly. I was wearing a short skirt so by leaning back against the large sofa, and spreading my feet to get them resting over the tub was going to expose my uhmm... well, they should have provided me a towel to make me feel more comfortable. I had to cover my lap with my handbag instead.

The assistant started off by removing my old nail polish and then got me to soak my feet into the tub of warm water. She did the usual steps to shape, buff, shine and then soak for my fingers. After that, it was over to my feet. Another lady, who seemed to look more senior, continued on my fingers by fixing cuticles and then onward to scrub and massage. My fingers were almost ready to apply colour, which I had no problem making my choices.

Meanwhile,  I was feeling a little impatient because the first assistant had spent a very long time on my feet to remove calluses, scrubbing and scrubbing away. In the end, I already had my nail colour done but my feet were just at the foot scrub/massage process. The result was squeaky clean, and I mean, really thoroughly smooth and clean. Well, that's fine if you have lots of time to spare. But I was expecting a session to last for about 1 to 1.5 hours, not 2.

The best thing I liked is the way the senior manicurist (May) applied the nail polish. The strokes were really smooth, no blotches and very minimal stain cleanup outside my nails. The colour was applied very well. Plus, she had a friendly personality and was more eager to start a conversation. As I was in a hurry, I requested to have the Quick Dry topcoat. It was willingly provided without charge, unlike some other salons that charge extra for Quick Dry.

The colour lasted for more than 3 weeks on my nails with less than 5% chipping, as I finish writing this post. I am very satisfied with the lasting quality.

If you want to have lasting nail polish, look for Miss May at Dream Nails.

Salon Rating
Ambience: 2/5
Service: 4/5
Colour quality: 5/5
Overall: 4/5

Dream Nails
All Seasons Place, Farlim
6G-2-11A (Level 2, Unit 11A),
11500 Penang, Malaysia
Tel: +6016-4267433

Opening Hours: Tues - Sun: 11.00am - 8.00pm
(Last call 6pm)

*Update 21 February 2014*
Dream Nails have since made minor improvements to their salon. They now have a wall-mounted TV in front of the sofas with a vast selection of movies free of charge. I'm looking forward to a re-visit here soon!

*Update* Dream Nails have ceased operations.

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