I Am Peranakan Nail Polish Collection Box A by Jacqueline Burchell

This month I shall be doing a review on an awesome nail polish collection by Jacqueline Burchell . I first came across this brand from onl...

This month I shall be doing a review on an awesome nail polish collection by Jacqueline Burchell.

I first came across this brand from online beauty stores like Zalora and Luxola. I found that they are from Singapore and it is really amazing to find that their nail polish collection is made so close to home. Check out their website for an extensive collection of colours.

Their Safety Guarantee states that all their products are free from harmful chemicals such as Toulene, Formaldehyde and Dibutyl Phthalate. "Safety Standard CHECKED"!

"I Am Peranakan" is a collection of Peranakan-inspired nail polish colours. The collection comes in 3 sets packaged in 3 types of metal tin boxes. I just got my hands on Box A which is the one with the yellow, pink and green "houses". This is my first time trying Jacqueline Burchell products and I must say that first impression counts!

I absolutely love how the whole set is boxed. The tin packaging is great as you have a handy and reliable box to store all those nail polishes. Extra points because it has a really chic and colourful cover. 

The box art resembles the local heritage buildings inspired by Peranakan culture and architecture, a familiar sight that is found in Malaysia and Singapore.

Four nail colours are displayed on the side on the box. There are actually six bottles in one set including a top coat and a calcium base coat. They come in little 5ml or 0.17fl oz bottles, perfect for DIY at-home manicures or travelling.

The nail colours also have interesting 'local' names. ..And These Are My Colours:
  • Gold - "Chendol Anyone?"
  • Hot Pink - "I Love My Bibik"
  • Green - "Kristang"
  • Semi Clear/Gold Glitter - "Jinggling"
This time around, I'll be doing a swatch for "I Love My Bibik". Yes, the really HOT pink. I expected it to look milky, but it turned out to be a very sharp and bright shade of pink. It's bold and almost neon pink, perhaps not for the faint-hearted.

Depending on how much polish you have on the brush, either one or two coats should be enough. For me, I only did one coat. All except for my ring finger, which I have painted it with "Chendol Anyone?", an absolutely dense and vibrant gold shimmer. It is quite similar to OPI Goldeneye, but more yellow.

I dabbed a little of the semi-clear gold glitter "Jinggling" on the tip my little finger. This combination turned out pretty well, but that's the best I can do with my 'less-dominant' hand strokes. I am a lefty.

Stay tuned for the next update.

Jacqueline Burchell "I Am Peranakan" set is available on sale at Luxola for RM125 a box or SGD$48 from Jacqueline Burchell website. Free shipping on orders above $40!

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